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The most capable knowledge-based company in the production of specialized and general resins in Iran

As the most capable knowledge-based producer of all kinds of industrial resins, Farapol Jam Chemical Industries (Private Shares) has started its activity since 2002, this group is with the efforts of domestic and foreign experts and using production machines, laboratory equipment and the latest formulations of the day. The world has succeeded in mass and uniform production of ortho, iso, terephthalic unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins based on bisphenol A, Novarac, flame resistant resins, types of gel coat, color paste and cobalt octoate.The products of this knowledge-based company have succeeded in obtaining WRAS certificates from England, a sanitary manufacturing license from the Food and Drug Organization in order to enable the products to be used in the construction of drinking water tanks and pipes, and also approval from the Iranian Classification Institute for use in Marine industries. With more than a decade of activity in the domestic and foreign markets, Frapol Jam Chemical Industries has provided the basis for reducing the country’s dependence on the import of resins needed in the fiberglass industry and has even succeeded in exporting its products widely to the countries of the region. Farapol Jam is proud of titles such as research and development unit of Hamadan province, exemplary unit of the province, green industry and quality exemplary unit.

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